Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why on earth is the City Council trying to ban GMO crops in L.A.? - Summary 9

The Times Editorial Board, in its opinion piece "Why on earth is the City Council trying to ban GMO crops in L.A.?", from The LA Times op-ed section, claims that the proposal to ban the growth of GMO crops in LA is puzzling because "no one grows them in L.A.," and "no one has any plan to do so" (Paragraph 1). They condemn the ban as being "largely symbolic -- in addition to being irrational and unscientific," since research has found no evidence that "genetically engineered food is less wholesome" than naturally grown crops (Paragraph 2, 4). The Board is outraged by the law because it views it as useless. The Board claims that this law would stand in place of educating citizens about the use of pesticides and how to grow sustainable foods. The authors end with a final zinger, calling out the ban as being "akin to banning childhood vaccines to appease people who fear them despite the scientific evidence that they do not cause autism," and hopes that the proposed ban disappears back into irrelevance (Paragraph 6).

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