Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The rights of sex workers - Summary 6


Sonja Dolinsek, blogger and human rights activist, in her opinion article "The rights of sex workers", from Al Jazeera's opinion section, declares that "democracies [need] to include sex workers in policy-making processes" and craft laws which give such workers stronger "human and constitutional rights" (Paragraph 17, 2). Dolinsek holds that there are several examples worldwide for democracies like Canada to follow, where "courts have upheld sex workers' human rights and questioned existing prostitution laws or filled legal grey areas" (Paragraph 5). She discusses New Zealand, "where sex work is decriminalized," Germany and Austria, where "court rulings abolished the notion of prostitution as being 'immoral'," and The European Court of Justice, which "has repeatedly ruled that 'prostitution' is an 'economic activity'" (Paragraph 6). By contrast, many other countries view sex workers as "dangerous to society and as victims to be forcefully protected from their own choices" (Paragraph 16). Dolinsek moves for the decriminalization of sex work and a stronger push for equal rights as seen in more progressive countries. 

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