Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Supreme Court should affirm the rights of pregnant workers - Summary 5

The Times Editorial Board, in their article "Supreme Court should affirm the rights of pregnant workers", from the LA Times opinion section, posits that the Supreme Court should side with petitioner Peggy Young in the Young v United Parcel Service case. They explain that in 2006, Ms. Young was forced to take an un-paid leave of absence after her workplace refused to accommodate her physical limitations as mandated by her doctor due to pregnancy. The authors insist that "women should not be penalized or forced out of the workplace simply because they become pregnant" (Paragraph 5). They concede that many companies, including the United Parcel Service, have changed their policies regarding pregnant workers, but still demand that the court rules that "pregnant women deserve to be treated as well as workers who are injured on the job", and begin the work of "craft[ing] fresh legislation" which makes this point clear (Paragraph 6). The Board's article is short and to the point -- that policy must shift toward treating women with more deference and accommodation towards pregnancy. 

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