Thursday, December 11, 2014

In 2014, rape rage drove feminism's 'third wave' - Summary 8

In her recent article, "In 2014, rape rage drove feminism's 'third wave'," from CNN's opinion section, author Nina Burleigh posits that "[h]istorians could look back on this year as the beginning of feminism's third wave" (Paragraph 1). Burleigh asserts that this year was the year of feminism, as "[f]or the first time, rape victims and their supporters emerged from the shadows in significant numbers and started naming names" like Bill Cosby, and people associated with the NFL and collegiate institutions (Paragraph 2, 3). She alludes to women like the Cosby accusers and Emma Sulkowicz. She attributes the spike in awareness and call-to-action to social media, claiming that it has emboldened victims to speak out, and now even "men are starting to get it" (Paragraph 10). Burleigh asserts that "rape culture holds all women down," and she is proud of an in awe of the young women who are standing up against it today (Paragraph 14, 15). She hopes that this 3rd wave feminism will educate and eradicate until the problem is no more. 

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